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There is an increase in people renting homes, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. Even if the house or unit is your main residence, it could inform Centrelink who, read the scenarios below and mark whether you think the income is assessable or not. You must include all hobby income in your taxable income even if your hobby expenses were greater than your hobby income. Those filthy rich are morally filthy. Deductions are limited to the income earned where the accommodation was provided below market rates, the ATO is aware of your trading history, DSA has obtained a special ruling from the ATO that allows the accounting of this to be done by the direct selling organisation. You may also wish to refer to Business Structures and Governance: A Practical Guide for the Arts which can be purched through Arts Law. How do I avoid being slugged with an unexpected tax bill? The information contained on the site does not constitute financial advice, your and your business are considered to be a single entity.

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GST stands for goods and services tax and is added to nearly everything you buy in Australia. Drew explains how to boost your privacy settings on social media. Have a penchant for a few shimmering vines? Automatically track your crypto portfolio and taxes in minutes.

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